Magnesium is an essential mineral and the 11th most abundant element by mass in the human body. Magnesium is necessary for cardiovascular health and is involved in over 300 cellular processes. Magnesium supports healthy bones, proper muscle function, energy production, and glucose balance. Magnesium may also help relaxation, calming, and sleep.

Health Claims:

  • Contributes to normal energy metabolism
  • Necessary for normal electrolyte balance
  • Necessary for normal nerve and muscle function
  • Necessary for teeth and bone structure
  • Contributes to a reduction of tiredness and fatigue
  • Necessary for normal protein synthesis
  • Contributes to normal psychological function
  • Necessary for normal cell division

Natural Sources: Leafy greens, bananas, fatty fish like salmon, tofu, nuts, seeds, dry beans, whole grains, good-quality dark chocolate, low-fat dairy products.

Formulated with integrity

The ingredients chosen for use in Pro You products are backed by the latest scientific research, or steeped in traditional use. We believe that the best health choice is an informed one, so for your reading, we’ve collated a selection of the most relevant unaffiliated studies that support the selections made by our lead scientist and naturopath when formulating our products

Published Research

This research is for informational use only. The results reported may not occur in all individuals. This information should not be read to recommend or endorse any specific products.

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