Our Philosophy

What we do

(and what we don’t do)

We only use what works

Our products contain only real ingredients — no fillers. Because we know you care about what goes into your body.

We care, and that’s clear

We only partner with people we know are on the same page as us, so we’re completely transparent about our suppliers, supply chain and business processes.

We say no to pseudoscience

Feeling overwhelmed with information, or just a bit over weird and wild wellness trends? Us too! That’s why Pro You products are developed by scientists, and supported by the latest research on ingredient effectiveness.

We respect that you’re busy

Supplements only work if you take them, so we’ve made ours as easy as possible for you to build into your daily routine.

We strive to get you back to your best

These are not miracle potions — they’re simple but effective products that are backed by research and crafted to help you feel like you, only better. Our blended products also include active ingredients to support skin, hair, nails, so you can shine on the outside, too.