Vitamin B7

Vitamin B7 is a water-soluble vitamin part of the group of essential nutrients known as the B Complex. Vitamin B7 is known as the “beauty vitamin” as it helps promote healthy skin, nails, and hair. Vitamin B7 is vital for a healthy nervous system, psychological wellbeing, and blood sugar balance. Vitamin B7 also supports energy metabolism in the body and is required for protein, carbohydrate, and fat metabolism.

Health Claims:

  • Contributes to normal fat metabolism and energy production
  • Contributes to normal functioning of the nervous system
  • Contributes to normal macronutrient metabolism
  • Contributes to normal psychological function
  • Contributes to maintenance of normal hair
  • Contributes to maintenance of normal skin and mucous membranes

Natural Sources: Wholegrains, cereals, cauliflower, bananas, mushrooms, egg yolk, liver, kidney, almonds, peanuts, pecans, walnuts, soybeans.

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Published Research

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