Our Q & A series intends to gather and share insight from leading industry experts. This week, we are lucky enough to have holistic health coach & wellness entrepreneur Tamsin Kaufman with us.

Tamsin gifted us with rewarding insight on the importance of a daily practice, the amazing benefits of Maca, and her commitment to sustainability in all aspects of her life. We hope you enjoy this conversation as much as we did.

Day to day, what do you do mostly?
I begin the day with a morning practice, religiously! I’ll wake up, get out into the sun on my deck and do a yoga flow or a HIIT circuit, followed by meditation and journaling. Sometimes I’ll choose an oracle card from my deck to inspire my journaling practice or just for a snippet of wisdom for the day. Then I make a smoothie for breakfast of all the good things: bananas, blueberries, greens, Seleno Health maca & cacaoPro You protein, hemp seeds, flax seeds, and coconut yoghurt! Once my cup is full, and I’m ready to go, I get into some work & study for the day. I’ll finish about 4-5 pm to get out into the sun for a walk, a swim at Piha, or take a bath with some good tunes on and call it a day.

What do you love doing?
Being in nature. Returning to the simplicity of just being a human on the earth, fully experiencing all of the senses. I love going for a bushwalk and finding a waterfall or beach spot to sit and read a good book for hours.

What stresses you out?
Having too many to-do lists!

Where do you work out, and why do you choose to work out there?
I work out at home. It allows me to do what I FEEL like doing on the day and takes the time & effort out of getting there. It allows me to get up and get straight into it as part of my morning ritual.

What is your usual day-to-day diet, and what are your favourite treats?
Mostly plants! Lots of veggies, lots of ancient grains, superfoods, nuts, seeds, legumes, and the occasional fish. I love roast kumara and roasted chickpeas tossed in a green salad. My favourite treat is Medjool dates dipped in almond butter – sometimes with a sliver of dark chocolate. It’s like snickers but BETTER.

Do you have any tiny habits that heed big results? i.e. What small things do you do consistently that make you feel great or have a positive impact on your life?
A morning journaling practice!

Writing at least a page first thing to clear my mind, and then reflecting on what I’m grateful for, setting some intentions and affirmations for the day has had the most profoundly beautiful impact on my life. It has allowed me to begin the day inspired with the day’s potential and thus has created so much abundance.

We love supporting local! What New Zealand-made products do you use, love, and recommend?
Seleno Health maca & cacao (shhh, I’m biased)! Maca is an incredible adaptogen for energy, hormone balance, libido, and overall vitality. Cacao is a heart-expanding medicine that always grounds me into the present moment and takes me deeper into my heart. Flow State medicinal mushroom blends! For immunity, brain function, energy, and optimal wellbeing! Hemp Connect hemp seeds! Hemp seeds and other hemp products are packed full of nutrition, providing a balance of omega fatty acids. I add hemp seeds to just about every meal.

What media do you enjoy – podcasts, magazines, books, tv shows, etc.
I love books! You can find me reading anything about plant medicines, ancient civilizations, symbolism, dreams, archetypes, and all of that juicy mystical stuff. A few of my favourite books are The Cosmic Serpent by Jeremy Narby, How to Change Your Mind by Michael Pollan, and Women Who Run With The Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes. My favourite podcast is the Aubrey Marcus podcast – which has a diverse variety of incredible speakers on every time.

What does sustainability mean to you, and how do you incorporate sustainable practices into your lifestyle?
Sustainability means remembering your reciprocal relationship with the earth. Whatever you take, you must give back. It means tracing back the whole thread of consciousness behind every product consumed, knowing where it came from, knowing what practices it is supporting. I try to ensure I only buy from ethical clothing brands, purchase fair trade superfoods, buy local & organic produce, recycle & compost, and spend time with my hands in the earth giving back. By buying a Kangen Water ioniser – a machine that attaches to the tap that produces the best quality drinking water and has over 70+ household uses, I have massively reduced my environmental footprint. I use this machine for makeup remover, laundry liquid, and hand sanitiser, among many other uses available due to its ability to change the pH of water!! This is truly the most incredible way of improving health, reducing plastic consumption, and reducing the number of chemicals that get into our waterways (and our bodies). Living sustainably is a way of life.

What supplements do you take and why?

  • Pro You Pea Protein Blend
  • I also love BePure products. Their multivitamin is a wonderful full-spectrum formulation designed for kiwis, covering what we tend to be lacking in due to nutrient-deficient soils.
  • BePure Vitamin D and Zinc – for immune support
  • Seleno Health GPx Cell protect – for complete spectrum cell protection and immunity support.
  • Sattva Soul Ashwagandha – for stress support and emotional balance
  • Flow state Lions Mane – for brain support, great for memory and cognition

What ways do you use Pro You protein powder?
I love this protein in my morning smoothie! The vanilla flavour is so versatile and adds a powerful punch of vitamins and minerals to the smoothie, keeping me satisfied for hours.

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