Tiny habits produce massive results
– Atomic Habits by James Clear reveals the four steps to building a better life.


Imagine if you could break all your bad habits while replacing them with only good ones. What would that look like for you? 

Atomic Habits introduces a four-step pattern to build small, incremental good habits that compound over time to drive immense, positive change.

We summarise the four simple steps for you and use Pro You Protein Blends as an example.

Why is it best to take our Pea or Whey Protein Blend daily?

Our Protein Blend isn’t a regular protein powder. It contains essential vitamins and minerals as well as fibre and an adaptogen – just as you would with any supplement, you gain the best results if you take it consistently.

Idea 1: We create habits through a four-step pattern: cue, craving, response, and reward.

The first idea lays out the feedback loop that creates a habit.

Our behaviour begins with a cue. Normally external, this cue sparks us to lean towards an act. For example, you see a Pro You protein powder tin and think, ‘I should start my day with a nutritious, sustaining meal.’

This is the sense of anticipation you feel thinking about the cue and the reward that comes with it. You will feel better and more energised immediately, plus you will feel strong mentally for making a decision that supports a bigger picture goal or ambition – to be healthier and stronger.

This is the act to get that reward. For example, making a protein smoothie.

This is the feeling you get after responding to the reward. For example, feeling satisfied and happy that you’ve had a nutritious, delicious smoothie that you know will keep you full for hours. Plus, it goes deeper than that – you know you have done the right thing by yourself to support your long-term health goals and aspirations.

Idea 2: To form habits, you must make them obvious, attractive, easy, and satisfying.

Corresponding to the steps above, if something is obvious, attractive, easy and satisfying it should be easier to jump into the habit loop. This way, you can help facilitate good habits while breaking down bad ones.

For example:

  • Putting your Pro You Protein Blend on the counter next to your blender makes it obvious.
  • Using your favourite smoothie ingredients makes it attractive.
  • Prepreparing frozen ingredients in ready-to-use snaplock bags makes it easy.

If you use your favourite tasting ingredients with the protein powder you know is full of essential vitamins and minerals – you’ll enjoy drinking your smoothie while feeling healthier and satisfied.

While this is one example (taking Pro You Protein Blends daily), you can apply this to any habit you want to build. Whether it be meditating, ordering Uber Eats less, spending less time on social media, or more time with family – the framework can apply to all areas of your life. Conversely, you can make things invisible, unattractive, complicated, and unsatisfying to help break bad habits. For example, hiding chippies to the back of the shelf or deleting social media apps.

Idea 3: A habit tracker helps you stick to your new behaviors.

Creating a record that lists all the habits you want to fulfill or abandon each day – and ticking them off as you succeed helps you be accountable and consistent. It doesn’t have to be fancy; a piece of paper or journal will do. A winning formula can be as simple as recording a tick on a wall planner for each day you complete your desired habit. Once you gain momentum, the goal will be not to break the chain of ticks. It is a surprising and super simple way to help you stay consistent and accountable.

In saying this, don’t bite off more than you can chew. Start small with one habit and build up from there. Starting too ambitious can be overwhelming – leading to abandoning the entire process.

We appreciate that everyone is in different stages and mindsets. Not everyone has exercise goals – some may want to prioritise rest, meditation, work or family time.

What do our customers say about Pro You Protein Blends?

Don’t just take our word for it, our customers spill why they love taking Pro You Protein Blends every day.

“I love this product! My stomach is really sensitive to other artificial protein powders but this vegan protein powder is not only delicious but doesn’t upset my stomach. Could not recommend this product enough!” – Abby

“I have been using Pro You protein for the last month and feel amazing. I love putting a shot of coffee in it and drinking it on the go in the morning. It’s the perfect pick up and go and it’s great knowing I get all my essential nutrition in one drink!” – Jacqui

“I take Pro You daily and it makes a huge difference to my energy levels” -Natalie

“I have been taking Pro You protein powder for a couple of months and love it. It tastes great, is super versatile and gives me all the health benefits – I put in my overnight oats, smoothies and baking, making it so much easier to get my daily boost.” – Brie

Ready for a change? We want to support you in creating atomic habits that will change your life. Pro You will be including a complimentary copy of Atomic Habits – tiny changes, remarkable results with all subscription orders from now until the end of November.