How to say goodbye to yo-yo dieting?

Adopting a balanced range of habits that nurture the body and provide long-term health benefits is the key.

Time to ditch the diet? It is no secret that our views of health and wellness have changed over time. We are shifting towards an expansive form of well-being that doesn’t include low-calorie diets or gruelling workouts. And it is no surprise why, the cycle of yo-yo dieting is frustrating and exhausting. Strict dieting tailed by unruly bingeing creates a futile trap where we lose weight quickly, only to put it back on. 

Since dieting isn’t the answer to attaining long-term results, what can we do? 

NZMP released an insight into holistic nutrition for weight loss. Holistic weight management strategies embrace nurturing the body and providing benefits beyond losing weight. Such strategies include increasing protein and fibre intake, exercising more, consuming food and beverages that curb hunger, eating less processed food and taking supplements. 

“An anti-diet philosophy that focuses on nurturing the body rather than on the biology of starvation is expected to increase in popularity”

We share four small shifts you can make to your everyday routine to help you see sustainable results. 

  1. Increase protein intake
    Increasing your daily protein intake can help maintain muscle mass, keep you fuller for longer and balance your blood sugar levels. In this way, you are more likely to have a leaner body and less likely to overeat or snack unnecessarily throughout the day. Click here for our guide on protein – answering how much you need, why you need it and the 101 on Pro You Protein Blends
  2. Eating less processed food
    Processed foods have added salt, sugar and flavourings to make them more delicious. Therefore, you tend to consume more in one sitting than you would of whole food. By sticking to mostly whole foods you are likely to eat in a healthy moderation.
  3. Increase fibre intake
    Fibre helps bulk out your gut keeping you fuller for longer and stabilising your blood sugars. By increasing your fibre intake, you can decrease the chances of pesky 3 pm sugar crashing and cravings.
  4. Increase daily steps
    Walking is a great way to increase passive energy expenditure – it’s also easy on the joints and great for bone health. Aim for 8,000 – 10,000 steps a day – start small; park further away, take a 5 minute break from the computer, walk while on phone calls…

In the end, we believe finding a healthy balance is key to creating life-long, sustainable outcomes. This goes beyond weight loss, eating well and moving your body can provide equal nourishment to the mind and soul.