There’s no question that the Covid pandemic has provided an enormous boost to the wellness industry. Leaving no stone unturned, more people are shifting to squeeze health and well-being into their day-to-day lives than ever before. We will be sharing the top wellness trends shaping our homes in 2023. As we believe everyone deserves access to level up their health and well-being  – we provide ideas for all levels of accessibility.

What is Home Wellness?

Home wellness is balancing, modifying and accessorising our homes to promote health and wellness. Forbes’s recent article shared how home wellness is no longer constrained to luxury homes but is becoming a standardised feature among mid-level living. In fact, 73% of surveyed respondents said it would be a factor in their next home purchase. With the growth in work flexibility and people working from home, more are looking to make their homes safe, calm, and healthy. While this isn’t a new idea – it is thought Feng Shui has been around for 4000 years – we are seeing more people value the health of their home and how they feel in it. From the basic level, we see home wellness as ensuring clean water, air and dry conditions. From there, you can go up and beyond – ensuring you have blackout curtains, a seamless flow from the inside to outside, indoor plants and even a gym or meditation space. 

Without further ado, here are the best-trending ideas if you’re looking to raise your home wellness game. 

Indoor – Outdoor Connection

Indoor-outdoor connection is the flow and transition from inside to outside. This design has always been standard in tropical areas – as it allows cool breezes and sunlight to drift in from the outside. We can also view it as doors opening to decks, verandas and gardens. Ideally, it is a seamless transition that helps your nest feel bigger while you feel more connected to the outside. A few ways to achieve indoor-outdoor connection are:

  • Tall and wide openings

Being able to open doors and windows to the outside space entirely creates a seamless transition. Better yet, the doors can slide open completely to remove the entire wall.

  • Extend furniture from the inside, out

Think comfortable outside furniture that ties in nicely with your indoors.

  • Embrace and showcase nature

Whatever you have outside, whether it be ample sunlight, mountains, water, a park or a garden – showcase the view, so it’s visible from inside your home. 

Air Purification Systems

Air purification and filtration systems have been around for some time, in planes and hospitals – but now we are seeing growth in demand for our homes. Led by the Covid pandemic, systems that can cleanse the air have become more at the forefront of our thoughts. While most home systems can’t promise to kill viruses, they offer to reduce the spread of bacteria, dust, smoke, pet dander, mould spores and environmental pollution. This is particularly significant for families with hypoallergenic or asthmatic conditions (of which New Zealand has some of the highest rates in the world). 

Gym, Yoga And Meditation Rooms

While media rooms were once a big selling point for homes, we are now seeing a systemic shift towards homes with health and wellness-related rooms for sale – be it gyms, yoga or meditation rooms. As more people try and find space in their homes where they can move, groove, flow and centre themselves – this will be a big one for 2023 and beyond.

Circadian Health Features

Circadian health refers to the body’s ability to sleep appropriately. McKinsey reported from their Our Future Of Wellness Survey that Better Sleep is one of the six ways people define wellness. Sleep-enhancing products such as supplements, sun-rise alarm clocksblue-light-blocking glassessleep-tracking apps, and watches are trending examples already well launched into the market. Home features are also creeping their way in – and can be accessible for the everyday household – including blackout curtains and dimmer lights.

Indoor Plants

Indoor plants have been popular for a while now – and we don’t see them going anywhere anytime soon. We love indoor plants as they’re obtainable to everyone – whether you’re a university student trying to give your dorm room a spritz of life or living in an apartment – there’s always space for indoor foliage. While it felt like everyone and their dog had a Monstera or two in their home – we may start seeing more blooms than previously before. New Zealand’s easy-to-care-for flowering indoor plants are orchids, kalanchoe, peace lilies, air plants and amaryllis.

While we’re not all in the position to redesign our houses, fit out with state of the art techonology or purchase sleep trackers, finding small ways to make your nest a comfortable, calming place to be is achievable. Be it a corner for your plants or a place to lay down a yoga mat. If one thing is for sure, 2023 is the year of health and self-care and we are here for it.