To save hours of scrolling, we have combed through TikTok and revealed the best TikTok hacks that actually work wonders.


Food & Cooking Hacks

With food prices at an all-time high, these tips can help minimise food wastage.

  • Stop your half avocadoes going off in the fridge.

Wipe or brush half an avocado with lemon juice – wrap tightly in glad wrap and pop in the fridge for a longer lasting avo.

  • Turn sad shrivelled herbs into herb butter.

Before you throw out dried-out herbs – add them to melted butter and finely grated garlic. Pour into ice cube trays and pop in the fridge until set. Pop them out of the moulds, hey-presto, you have gourmet herb butter. Delicious served on meat, fish or with bread.

  • Stop food sticking to measuring cups and spoons.

Have you ever measured out honey or peanut butter only to have your measuring cup sticky? Spray with oil before measuring; the sticky contents will slip right out!

  • No juicer? No problem.

Need to juice a lemon, lime or orange but don’t have a juice squeezer? Cut the fruit in half, place it cut-side down between tong handles and press!

  • Rub a lemon slice on your wooden chopping boards.

If you find your chopping boards still smell like garlic or onion even after you wash them – rub a slice of lemon over it, rinse and dry.

Organisation Hacks

You know what they say, organised space = organised mind.

  • Use file racks to stack your oven and baking pans.

We love this hack for organising muffin tins, oven sheet pans and chopping boards. This Kmart file rack would be perfect.

  • For your ‘worn but still wearing’ pile.

Instead of having a pile on the floor, place a Commando hook on the back of your door and hang a lightweight basket. Pop all your wear-again pieces like uniforms and Lululemon leggings inside – out of sight!

  • File fold your t-shirts and leggings with the KonMari Method.

Not only does it look aesthetically satisfying, but it also makes it super easy to find clothes without pulling everything out. You can see how to do it for yourself on this KonMari video.

Cleaning Hacks

Clean smarter, not harder.

  • For clean, streak-free glass in two swipes

The Karcher Window Vac is a game-changer for window and glass cleaning. Simply spray the glass, wipe and vacuum up residue – it’s excellent for big jobs and has 175 5-star reviews.

  • Sweet-smelling trash.

Wet a few cotton balls in essential oils and leave them at the bottom of your bin – this one is perfect for nappy bins! You can also put a few drops of essential oil in your loo roll to keep the entire bathroom smelling fresh.

  • Clean silverware without scrubbing.

Although this one sounds too good to be true, it works. Scrunch tin foil (aluminium foil) into a ball and pop it into your dishwasher alongside your knives, forks and spoons. The result will be shiny utensils with no extra work for you!

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