This week we are introducing Hannah Hanson to our Say Hello To The Pro’s series. This series is intended to connect our customers, friends, and family through honest conversations.

Hannah is an Auckland-based 25 year old and a copy and content writer in the Health and Wellness space. She is our author of our upcoming ‘Eat your age’ whitepaper.

1.Day to day, what do you do mostly?

After finishing my science and commerce degree in Pharmacology and Commercial Law I sifted around gaining various experience. For a time I worked with my husband’s family’s company where I was able to work with and appreciate New Zealand manufacturing. This included the trials and tribulations but also the invaluable rewards. I am now a content and copywriter in the health, beauty, fitness and nutrition sphere. I particularly enjoy the research aspect and getting into the nitty gritty of things.

2. What do you love doing

Prior to the pandemic (sigh) I loved travelling with my husband, Donald. Exploring new places and cultures with him was always invigorating – even if there are inevitable travel ‘hiccups’ along the way. During Winter I enjoy skiing, first tracks up the mountain is my favourite way to start the day.

3. What stresses you out

An overloaded plate – and unfortunately, I’m not talking about my dinner plate. When workloads spill over I, like most people, get stressed.

4. Where do you work out and why do you choose to work out there?

I workout mostly at Next Generation in Auckland Central – I’ve been going there for over 6 years and through that time I have been able to build a sense of comfort and confidence. It is also close to my home and always has parking – such a win. I mostly weight-train and a few day a week attend their yoga classes.

I also have taken up tennis at the Gladstone tennis club – although I’m not great, it’s a good challenge and a great way to catch up with friends.

5. What is your usual day-to-day diet and what are your favourite treats?

I’m a creature of habit and find myself eating the same thing everyday (until I get completely sick of it).

I start out with protein oatmeal or a protein shake (depending on the temperature!), whip up a quick omelette for lunch, snack on rice cakes with cottage cheese and smashed avocado and for dinner a stir fry or curry is our usual go-to. Donald loves to BBQ so a couple nights a week we do that. I also manage to sneak a meat-free meal in there every now and then. My ultimate treat is dipping chocolate into my peanut butter jar…

6. Do you have any tiny habits that heed big results? i.e. What small things do you do consistently that make you feel great or have a positive impact on your life?

Yes! Each morning I write a list of what I need to do – and as I go throughout my day I tick each one off (hopefully). I find this helps me not feel overwhelmed by my tasks, as once it is down on paper it feels more manageable. It also helps with pesky procrastination and prioritising.

I also make sure I have protein with every meal and snack – this has been a game changer for my appetite. I used to graze a lot throughout the day, eating then feeling ‘nibbley’ soon after. Leaning on protein has turned this around for me, I feel fuller for longer with no afternoon crashes.

7. What drives and motivates you?

Can I say myself? I have a high sense of motivation and drive – sometime this may overstep and I need to remind myself to back off a bit. But overall I like to achieve, and whatever I do I like to ensure it’s done well.

8. We love supporting local! What New Zealand-made products do you use, love and recommend?

I am a massive fan of New Zealand made brands! Brands opting for local manufacturing is no mean feet – but totally rewarding.

  • Kapeka is a knitwear brand started by Donald’s father, his son’s now run the show and I have such immense pride in the quality they turn out. From the research to the yarn and the finished garment there is so much work that goes into it – and it is all done on our soil.
  • Ceres Organics has created such a strong, true-to-itself brand that I think many can raise their hand to. Their ingredients are a staple in my kitchen.
  • Amisfield – Do I need much explanation? I love their wine, especially their Pinot Noir.

9. What media do you enjoy – podcasts, magazines, books, tv shows etc.

I find myself listening to podcasts regularly, either as a way to learn or as a way to escape. Currently I am enjoying The Eco Well – a science based and backed podcast based on all things cosmetics. I also enjoy listening to Beauty IQ Uncensored – it’s not only hilarious but I learn so much about the current skincare market.

10. What does sustainability mean to you and how do you incorporate sustainable practices into your lifestyle?

Sustainability means to me doing your active best to decrease your consumption and toll on the planet. It may not be perfect, but it never will be. Before contemplating “what is the most sustainable option I can buy” I first think – “Do I really need it?”.  Minimising, repurposing what I do have and reusing what I can are steps I actively take to reduce my impact on the planet.

11. What supplements do you take and why?

In the past year my supplements have really had a shake-up. I go to Jessica (from Wellness By Jessica) and she helps guide me to keep my hormones in check. I currently take a lipid supplement, prenatal, methylated folate, vitamin C, ground flaxseed, whey protein powder and MitoQ. MitoQ is a really interesting, New Zealand based supplement – the research behind it puts it leagues in front of its counterparts – I take it to optimise my egg health.

12. What ways do you use Pro You protein powder?

I have two uses that are on high rotation.

First is a protein shake which I normally have as a snack after tennis or for breakfast in the morning. I used to have banana milkshakes growing up and find them so nostalgic! By blending half a frozen banana with Pro You’s vanilla whey protein powder, cinnamon and water or almond milk I make a really creamy (but protein packed) banana milkshake. It always satisfies my sweet tooth. I dollop of peanut butter never goes amiss, either.

I also use the pea and whey protein (I alternate) in my oatmeal. I add it in after cooking (not before!) and it makes it into vanilla-y creaminess!