They say healthy skin starts from within. But how true is this?

Creams and serums aren’t the only products you’ll find on our beauty shelves. There’s a new kid on the block: beauty potions in the forms of powders, tonics, gummies and capsules. Ingestible Beauty, also known as Edible Beauty, embraces a holistic view of internal wellness while targeting skin concerns. Common skin concerns include inflammation, ageing, acne, texture, hydration – as well as hair and nail health. In other words, Ingestible Beauty aims to improve the beauty trifecta – skin, hair and nails. Prepare yourself for a wide array of ingredients in this industry, from the super rare, super weird to the super efficacious. Expect a lot of vitamins, minerals, probiotics and collagen.

As research improves this patchy area of understanding, it’s clear that your outer body reflects your inner health. And here is why; an imbalance in nutrition and poor dietary habits causes accelerated skin ageing. We know that we cannot halt the process of ageing (no matter what marketers may claim) – and this shouldn’t be the goal. But there’s no shame in using scientific know-how to slow this process down – especially if it helps you to feel and look good in your own skin.

This guide will answer common queries, weigh up benefits and limitations as well as shine a light on red and green flags to watch out for. We then focus on key ingredients found in the Ingestible Beauty realm and provide everything you need to know using only evidence-based information backed with credible research. There are touches of biology and biochemistry throughout this paper. To help you navigate these concepts, a glossary is included at the back. Overall, this paper was written to be light-hearted, easily- digestible while covering all bases.

Our intention is to help empower you to make your own informed decisions. Equally important, we hope to help you spot dodgy marketing claims and iffy information. Both of which are so prolific in this industry.

We are thankful to have Hannah Hanson as our feature writer for this white paper. Between Hannah’s degree in Pharmacology and Commercial law, her wider interests branch out to the nutrition and skincare space. Her goal was to craft a unique paper for the Pro You community; something not already available to the public. What’s more, it had to be a paper that relied on true, credible science – while being entertaining to read. Hannah’s care to maintain scientific integrity, her months of research and genuine interest to lift the veil of this often misunderstood and misinformed industry beams through on these coming pages.

Think of this as your complete skin supplementing guide.

Happy glowing.

Anna Thompson-Ford
Pro You Co-founder and CEO

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