The perfect podcasts for prioritising mindset, health and happiness

While the saying ‘you are what you eat‘ rings true in so many senses, so does ‘you are what you listen to‘. There are vast amounts of free, accessible wellness podcasts online, all designed to lift moods, raise self-awareness, develop personal growth and heal old wounds. As it’s the dawn of 2023, it’s prime time to disclose the trending wellness podcasts to level up our well-being and mindset. 

Huberman Lab 

For those that enjoy grunty science, Huberman Lab is right up your alley. Neuroscientist Andrew Huberman uses science as the backbone to discuss the brain’s potential to rewire and learn new skills and behaviours. Every week he discusses topics from improving sleep and optimising hormones to the science of creativity and how to enhance creative innovation. Get ready to be blown away by your body and what current science is revealing to us. 

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On Purpose

Purpose coach Jay Shetty hosts the number one health podcast – ever -Jay creates conversations and techniques for developing healthy relationships, manifesting, meditating, and finding peace. Powerful episodes include ways to be a good friend, frameworks for effective goal settingbefriending your inner critic and how to speak to yourself with more compassion. If you’re aiming to be the best version of yourself in 2023, On Purpose is your gateway.

Listen to it here on Apple Podcasts or here on Spotify.

ZOE Science & Nutrition

For the 101 on how food affects your body – guests explain the latest intel on health, nutrition and gut health research. In each episode, these ideas are translated into layman’s terms and practical advice to improve health and weight. Scientists and the host, Jonathan Wolf, dive into weekly topics such as heartburn, menopause and the effects of a keto diet.

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The Psychology Of Your 20’s

This podcast provides weekly content that explains the psychology of your 20s – to be fair, anyone of any age has something to gain from these conversations. For understanding why we date the wrong people, navigating the quarter-life crisis (yes, it’s a thing), the comparison trap and experiencing career anxiety – this is your ticket. Parent to a 20-year-old something? This podcast could provide insight into the mysteries of your child.

Listen to it here on Apple Podcasts or here on Spotify. 

Call Her Daddy

Since its conception in 2018, Call Her Daddy has come a long way – what was once a weekly blowjob diary is now the top-rating podcast for Spotify. Hosted by Alex Cooper, CHD is a safe haven of honest, raw conversations on mental health, sexual empowerment and everything in between. Alex has also paved the way for normalising getting professional psychological help. Guests like Hailey Bieber, Miley Cyrus, John Mayer, and Demi Lovato open up in novel ways – tackling topics such as embracing singlehood, substance abuse and being punished by the media. 

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